torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012


I was commisioned by a friend of mine to build Suō Pavlichenko's anti-matériel rifle from Darker Than Black:Gemini of the Meteor. A few deviations were made into the original desing for the client's requests and practicality issues.

With almost two meters of lenght, the flexiness of PVC pipe formed to be a major problem with this project.

The main body of the rifle is made from different lenghts and girths of PVC. It also breaks down(like the original!) into two pieces for transport/carrying.

Per client's request I left the scope out and made the rifle right-handed, opposed by the left-handed version in the anime. Another thing requested by the client was the sling loops, which aren't there in the original.

A lot of the parts were made from sheet aluminum to give the prop durability and heft(Not as much as the original, 17,3kg, though). The stock is in an odd angle because it turns on it's axis for rougly 90 degrees. (Not a feature found on the original, but coudln't find a vible solution for the problem and it didn't bother the client)

The bolt can be worked back. There is a return spring holding it in place.

The bipod also works. (It's not 100%-match to the original, as it is made from square tube)

Whopping two meters of a rifle! Guaranteed to gain some interest!

(I originally had much more photos from along the process, but my computer faced a great cleansing some time back-sorry!)

Thanks for reading!

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