tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2013

Yuki Kuran's Artemis Rod

Although I have been quiet for awfully long, the rumors about my death are higly exaggerated.
This build was pretty boring, but I'll be posting something more exiting in near future.

But into business:

I was commisioned to make Yuki's Artemis Rod from Vampire Knight (The non-scythe version)

Pretty straightforward design. I bought the longest broomhandle I could find for the rod, and eventually forgot to take  photo of it.

Rings were cut of 3cm PVC pipe for the zig-zag details along the shaft. (pictured as raw cut)

I drew a pattern of the zig-zag shape on paper, that I rolled around the rings, traced on, and cut off triangles. With what? Scissors. Just your plain ordinary household scissors. I'm almost dumbstruck myself that it worked out.

Cap details were made in the same fashion.

Parts done so far laid out

Details on the tips were first drawn on and then traced with hot glue to for a ridge. (Will look far better once painted)

After the details, only thing left to do was to shoot it with some silver paint.

Painted tip details.

And finally, a shot of one of the zig-zag detail bands.

Tools used:
-x-acto knife
-hot glue

Thanks for watching!

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